#ayearinmysketchbook month 3

Is it just me or is this year moving at a much faster pace than 2016 did? My kid has already started making plans for his party so I’ve had to pin ideas and start saving. Kids! But he wants a unicorn party so we’ll do most of it ourselves, get crafty and make him help. 

It also means a unicorn is requested almost daily as a prompt but maybe I can hold it off a little longer 😉 

Still posting as @charliefoxtrotillustration on instagram if you want daily updates instead of monthly ones 

I had my first prompt free week so decided to make it “meet the maker” week and it was actually quite fun 🙂 

Week 12 was a really hard one for me, personally it was the worst week. I had a horrible experience with a specialist and was really down and out. It’s the one week I really just wanted to throw in the towel with this project but everyone was so supportive it helped me forge on.

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