#ayearinmysketchbook week 2

I’m further into a daily project than I have been in 2 years! Hah, look at me to 🙂 
Very determined to stick to this, I think the encouraging from followers and friends are definitely a great motivation. 

I had planned on my 365 project being made up of all my drawing styles to showcase them all but it seems Charlie has decided different so I’ve been incorporating her into all of them, definitely been tricky on occasion and sure I’ll get stuck on a few more but I’m thinking I like this. 

Though with Charlie being the center of attention I feel like the #ayearinmysketchbook hashtag isn’t really all that appropriate :/ but it’s probably too late to change it now so oh well. Maybe I’ll see if I can change them during the week… 

You can see the individual images on my instagram account : Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations 

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