3 reasons why making art is good for you!

When you’re overwhelmed with the stresses of a busy lifestyle, actually embracing your creativity can reduce anxieties and stresses to clear your mind making you feel better. Art itself is extremely therapeutic and here’s 3 reasons why doodling, colouring and painting is good for you.

1. Helps you to slow down – During the week we’re all on the go and so being a little creative whether it’s drawing, colouring, painting or snapping a photo with your camera actually helps you to physically and mentally slow down. Rushing around doesn’t do our bodies internally any good and so making time to do something artistic that you enjoy is healthy to both your body and mind.

2. You embrace a side of yourself you might not usually – Not all of us work a creative job but this doesn’t mean if you’re an accountant for example you can get inky and doodle away! You may even surprise yourself with the things you create and through that feel a sense of achievement in the things you make which builds up your positivity in mind.

3. Self expression and letting out your emotions – Much like music and drama making art in whichever form, helps you to express a side of yourself you might find hard to do otherwise. Like musicians who infuse emotion into the music they write, you can place emotions into the art pieces you make. In turn this helps you to acknowledge your inner feelings and let out things you might not find the words to say which you are can through a brush or ink for example.

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    The first one alone is crucial 🙂 Super-crucial. Uber-crucial. <3

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