Art Jamming 

There’s a place at the V&A waterfront called Art Jamming where you have an entire studio to paint and have fun. Mess on the floor? Doesn’t matter. Mess on the walls? Don’t care.


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My kid loves painting but he’s messy, and boy does he waste paint so usually we stick to watercolor and spare paper simply because it’s easier but last year we won two vouchers to art jamming and I finally decided to take the minion . Well I didn’t decide, we actually just ended up in the right place with time to spare so we each got a canvas and painted.

He loves to paint, I know he does. Even though he’s always saying things like “this isn’t good” or “I wish I could draw like you” and I guess that’s partly my fault as monkey see monkey do. Though I constantly tell him he’s wrong and I have his attempts and offerings all over the house to try prove it .

Like I always remind him. It simply takes practice and he just needs to find the style that he’s happy with. He’s only 7. I don’t think anyone expects the next Picasso or Van Gogh out of him.

And if he decides art isn’t for him… Well I guess I’ll find a way to be okay with that as well ♥

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