finding where you left your inspiration

Do you find you’ve been staring at that blank page for ages, your fine liner’s or paints have began to dry and your idea’s just seem to be at a standstill no matter how much you want to get started? Well my creative friend I think you may have dropped your inspiration somewhere, but don’t panic I’m sure its laying around somewhere waiting for you to find it.

All creative people get stuck with art block from time to time and although the frustration can be extremely annoying to the point you may want to scream into the nearest pillow, never fear because here’s a few easy solutions to help get your creativity and inspiration back to where it used to be.

Get out of your studio space: Sometimes too much time at your desk or computer can cramp your mind along with your legs, so the best remedy is to get out of your space to clear your head. Go for a walk, drive or run for a change of scenery to promote new idea’s and thought.

Visit somewhere creatively fuelling: Galleries, degree shows, museums or places of wildlife are perfect places to feed your visual appetite. Whether you’re viewing someone else’s work this may help you visualise different concepts, composition styles, patterns or colour palettes you might not of thought of using before or if you’re out sketching from things in real life making studies may give you the grounds for a specifically theme project that can help you gather idea’s as you go.

Take a break from the drawing board: The old battery need’s a recharge and despite many of us wanting to be an invincible creative machine that can churn out endless amazing drawings, photos and painting that will dazzle all it’s not physically possible although we can dream.

Work with a liked minded creative: If the creative juices just aren’t flowing with a pending project often the help of a like minded creative can help pull you out of your rut. Talk with a creative friend about your project in confidence and ask them for points or tips on where to get started, sometimes two heads are better than one.

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