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I drew up a concept design for the cover-up of a rather old tattoo I have (now had) between my shoulder blades. The design itself was simple, the meaning behind the various elements were rather important so it took me a while to get the design how I wanted it.

I combined a few styles together, namely watercolor and old school comic book cross-hatching and I’m impressed with the outcome. The ink is still a work in progress though, not a one-sitting gig due to time constraints and as you can tell it’s still got a bit of work to do but I’m always one to give credit where credit is due and I think that Clint from Skintrade Tattoo studios in Table View definitely deserves some credit, not too many tattoo artists that would be able to interpret my art into such a beautiful piece.

I’ll post up a better image once it’s done and I’ll include the original design as well (which will unfortunately NOT be for sale as it is going up on my wall)

compass rose

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