Inktober 2016

October is best known as inktober in the art industry. Which means you’re supposed to doodle / illustrate 31 ink images. That’s an image a day , everyday for the month of October all done in ink. If you follow the #inktober2016 hashtag on instagram there are some seriously amazing works of art on there. I started with the intentions of joining buuuuuut life for in the way and also I seem to suck at these 30 days things so as part usual I failed at it but I thought I’d share the few I did actually do.

As I said, didn’t really get much done which I guess is good news as it means i was too busy with custom work.

I’ll try a 30/31 day soon again. When I have time! The secret garden one was pretty popular and fun. I think having “help” with it made it easier 🙂

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