little lion man

I’ve been asked to draw up a rather vaguely specific illustration for use as a blog header for one of my favorite bloggers!

Very excited, this will be my first official commissioned piece, I’ve done drawings and designs for friends and family before but up until now I never thought of actually making a career out of it so this is my first go! Of course I won’t be up and quitting my day job just yet but instead I’ll be setting aside a corner at home and creating a little artistic haven for me to work some freelance magic in.

The design requested requires a lion and as of yet I haven’t done animals with hair/fur so I decided that we’re going to need a few practice pieces before tackling the main one.

He didn’t come out too badly if I do say so myself though there are bits of him I’m a little frustrated with. The original will be for sale once I get my little online store going. But here’s a bad instagram shot of the finished piece for now 😉

hear me roar

Title: Little Lion Man
Date: 28 October 2013
Paper: Watercolour
Medium: V5 fine nip ink pen

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